Love Addicts are quarantine warriors

Girl Rebuilt is such a powerhouse of writing about love and the quest for love. She focuses on love addiction and her site is a veritable library of thoughtful, intelligent writing on the subject of love, relationships and the power we give our dreams or yearnings. I hope to be writing again myself as our world takes its first tentative steps towards opening up again, but please know that I am safe, happy and looking forward to some kind of normal again soon.

Girl Rebuilt

“I broke down crying today. Life seems to be cruel sometimes. It looks beautiful from the surface, but underneath there is a viscous heart. As the world loses its balance through this pandemic and staggers forward, I can’t help but wonder if we will ever stand upright again.” (me, March 20, 2020)

(Me, today, three weeks later): grouchy, but mostly adapted to the quarantine. Bouts of happiness when the sun is out. And loads of drama to write about and ponder.

I think everyone on the planet is affected in some way by the current pandemic. And our responses run the gamut. Some people are happier and feel more secure than ever, locked in with friends and family who they love. Others are quarantined alone in apartments in cities, some with only a window to look out of. Some are perfectly fine, praising their introvert-personalities for already equipping them with…

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