10 Things I Know About Dating

So great to read another Aussie’s voice in the international wilderness of dating and mating. I’ve been doing plenty of the latter and none of the former, so over to my pal Desert Dates to chat about what she’s learned in her 30-something years. Read on if you dare!


Dear Readers,

I’m sitting out the front of the terrace in the inner-northern Melbourne suburb where I’ve lived for more than two years now. Daylight savings has just ended and the sun is hanging lower in the sky a little earlier every day. The blue into orange like the gradient tool in Photoshop, or for those of a similar vintage to me – Microsoft WordArt. More on WordArt later, but for now let me just say: I am living a fabulous Melbourne life. I don’t always notice just how bloody great it is, but right here and right now, with my feet up and a peanut butter and chocolate ice cream I got in a box from Coles, with my cup of very expensive social enterprise eucalyptus tea, with many moments of contentment and joy behind me and with many things to look forward to in front of me…

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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Know About Dating

  1. I think dating is like skydiving… I admire others for doing it and how much goes into it.
    I know if I get to Thursday no hassles I won’t be skydiving this week and that is a pretty good achievement for the week.
    Incidentally, a few years ago some Christian women tried to hit on me with her skydiving for the homeless scheme… true. Now the analogy gets really messy… like 2 virgins in Wonderland studios.

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