A Relationship End CAN Indeed be a Good Thing

Today I’m sharing a post from a fabulous woman I follow. Her post (which takes its inspiration from another excellent article) really resonated with me, especially with the idea that a marriage or relationship ending is a big, fat FAIL. In fact, a lot of relationships are boltholes for people who choose to stay together not out of love, lust and commitment, but out of fear, loneliness and cowardice. (Ignoring for a moment that some people are sadly trapped in unhealthy relationships for other more dangerous reasons). Read on if you dare!


Going on a date night over 50 for my wellbeing and pleasure#over50 #queer #rainbow #australia 

One of my dearest friends (who is actually a proper, published ‘writer’), still finds the time to follow most of my news by reading my little blog. Thanks H! She’s in a very longterm, very committed relationship, and is one of my inspirations in that regard. She calls me once in a while, or we meet on the beach for a walk and non-stop talk, while I update her on all my romantic gossip and adventures.

Today she sent me this article called ‘A Non-Tragic View of Breaking Up’  , who’s opening paragraph drew me right in:

News of the end of relationships tends to be greeted with deep solemnity in our societies; it is hard not to think of a breakup except in terms of a minor tragedy. People will offer condolences as they might after a funeral.

This in turn reflects an underlying…

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