6 Things Guys need to know about dating a Single Mom

The Mingling Momma speaks the truth right here! I couldn’t resist re-blogging her wonderful piece on how to date and win with a single mum. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 particularly resonated with me! Don’t mess us around, don’t play games and – if we make the time to meet for a date – don’t cancel at the last minute or fuck up our plans because it’s likely you won’t get a second chance! Time is precious when you run a household by yourself and have limited me-time. Read on if you dare.

The Mingling Momma

Hot Guy I met through a mutual friend

“Don’t worry, I’ve already had time to process that you have kids”

Newly Single Me

“Don’t worry, there was no need… I’d never have you anywhere f*cking near them”

It was the first time anything like this had been said to me. I was annoyed and insulted.

Why would the fact I have children even come into it at this point?


Why would I worry if a man I had known for an hour tops cared that I do?

When people with no kids meet for the first time, they don’t think about the future or what might happen. The first natural step is to see if there’s a spark, and if there is – they date, and if they begin to really like each other – they become a couple. They might see each other a few times a week…

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