R.I.P – The Art of Flirting

Bravo for Jen over at The Dating Diary – she has named and shamed those boring, inane and imagination-starved fuckers on dating sites who cannot be bothered trying to actually engage with a woman and treat her as a human being. Most women will have experienced EXACTLY what Jen is describing, and I consider this post such a clear lesson in what NOT to do (as well as validation of what women experience) that I am re-blogging with pleasure! Read on if you dare!


When did flirting become a dead art? Why is sex the only appropriate topic when trying to flirt? Do people think that flirting is equal to talking about sex? Flirting can be many things. You can flirt by playfully teasing, joking around, being witty/funny and utilizing double entendres. However, since getting back on dating sites I’ve noticed an alarming trend; men constantly steering the conversation towards sex. It seems to be the first topic of choice right out of the gate.

For example, while on Bumble I matched with someone who I thought was super cute. While texting he said that five-word phrase I despise: “So tell me about yourself.” I dread this question for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a cop-out. Instead of actively engaging in the conversation and pulling their own weight, they put it on me. It’s a lazy and passive approach when trying to get to…

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6 thoughts on “R.I.P – The Art of Flirting

  1. To be honest I never really learned to flirt. I think I had my moments, but most of the doubt my own doubt would keep me from adequately connecting with women. However I know some men who seem to have success, however, it’s always about sex with them for the most part.

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    1. Thanks Jack. Things can be ‘about sex’ but there’s also the issue of manners and respect. As Jen says, if you wouldn’t say that to a stranger on the street, don’t say it to a stranger online. Treating people like pieces of meat there for one’s own gratification is just a bad look for everyone.

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