R.I.P – The Art of Flirting

Bravo for Jen over at The Dating Diary – she has named and shamed those boring, inane and imagination-starved fuckers on dating sites who cannot be bothered trying to actually engage with a woman and treat her as a human being. Most women will have experienced EXACTLY what Jen is describing, and I consider this post such a clear lesson in what NOT to do (as well as validation of what women experience) that I am re-blogging with pleasure! Read on if you dare!

6 thoughts on “R.I.P – The Art of Flirting

  1. To be honest I never really learned to flirt. I think I had my moments, but most of the doubt my own doubt would keep me from adequately connecting with women. However I know some men who seem to have success, however, it’s always about sex with them for the most part.

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    1. Thanks Jack. Things can be ‘about sex’ but there’s also the issue of manners and respect. As Jen says, if you wouldn’t say that to a stranger on the street, don’t say it to a stranger online. Treating people like pieces of meat there for one’s own gratification is just a bad look for everyone.

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