Who deserves sex?

This is a powerful article and it is so on-topic this week that I simply had to reblog. This quote says it all:

“no one has a right to sex with another person? That sex is not a commodity and that no one has a right to another person’s body. From men banging on about being friend zoned despite their best efforts to others making highly inappropriate sexual approaches on dating apps because they don’t see that they need to do more than just demand, there is a whole swath of men who seem to think that Life owes them Sex.”

Read on if you dare!

The Other Livvy

‘Even if no salvation should come, I want to be worthy of it at every moment.’
Franz Kafka

I’ve realised that I’ve been a pretty poor sex blogger recently. I’ve not written much, I’ve not posted many photos and I’ve not really done much on Twitter except retweet and share cat photos (although that final part is probably not going to change!). There are various interesting and not interesting reasons for my silence, which I expect I’ll write more about when I can muster the energy, but I’ve found a topic that has made me so sad and so angry that I couldn’t not write about it – my writing mojo finally got the kick up the arse that it needed!

Incels. Fucking incels.

I hadn’t even heard of the phrase until a few weeks ago but now it’s everywhere. The incels themselves and the differing responses to…

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10 thoughts on “Who deserves sex?

    1. Yes isn’t it a weird mentality? Sort of like ‘the world owes me a living’. I’m glad people are talking about this topic. I particularly like the way the author delves deep into the ideas and unhelpful thoughts behind how people handle relationships going sour or opportunities not coming to fruition. Shit happens – a great motto that could be amended to ‘not everything will go your way in life’.

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  1. Hmmm I think horrible attitudes about women and sex are held by those who have had sex and relationships. I have a friend who seems to relish his sexual conquests enough to show me pic of those he claims to have banged. His attitude towards me as a virgin is that he wants me to be like him. If I’m not actively pursuing women he has an issue with that.

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  2. There’s a businesswoman called Miss Jane who speaks well on this topic. Jane Untamed I think her brand is. Our Kink is another of her projects.

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      1. The podcast she does with Miss Knickers is good. She runs some of the best writing groups that I have ever been involved in.

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