This Rebel Age: Sex, Drugs and Pension Plans

What a powerful article on so many levels. This week I am sharing a new site I have found that dovetails so nicely with UTC. This quote jumped out at me:

“Sharing our knowledge and attitudes, if not our personal sexual experiences, is helpful to all. We learn we’re not so weird, rejected, unlovable, greedy or demanding as we might think we are when we keep it all locked up in private.

Talking about it is also very important for the next generation. One of the reasons we find it so hard to project ourselves as sexual is because it feels like we’re giving up our power and making ourselves vulnerable.

This is because sex has been taken from us, by the porn industry, the media and advertising; they seized control of it and dictated to us how we should be to be sexy. Which we all know is only the tiniest aspect of real life sexuality which comes in a myriad of experiences. The more we talk about it ourselves, the more we reclaim the verbal and visual language of sex and the less we feel afraid of it.

Read on if you dare!

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