Honey… please fix that profile.

Scarlett has nailed it in this list of advice for the single fellow wanting to impress a potential mate on his dating site profile! It’s not hard – or at least it doesn’t seem so to most people – just follow her sage advice and make an effort. This goes both ways, even I have been guilty in the past of not posting body shots because they’re so damn hard to take if you want to do it on the sly and not make a fuss. Lesson learned – although it never went against me anyway!

Year of Discovery

Smiling, eyes, well-lit.

Left, left, left, swipe left.

Looking at these stupid Tinder profiles.

Really? Come on.

You are gonna post a fuzzy picture of you frowning at me and think I want to swipe right.

Let’s start with photos darlings.

Photo #1: Your Face

We want to see that mug first, no sunglasses. Eyes are the window to the soul. What are you covering up?

A focused photo please, wipe off your goddamn lense and make sure the photo is sharp. Take 50 if you need to get one good one.

Get in some light, like by a window shining on your face. Yes it matters. Now I know it feels weird and awkward to smile at that camera but pretend the love of your life is behind that camera and she just said something that made you smile or laugh. Take as many as you need and move…

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