No Regrets

“The scary and very exhausting truth is that meaningful friendships require an unnerving degree of intimacy. If you accept it. The sharing of both joys and failures. The openness of fears and hopes. The vulnerability of faults and shortcomings. The whisperings of secrets and needs.”

This beautifully written and expressed post by Sam over at Don’t Make It Weird has some eternal and universal truths about relationships in general. This piece touched me and I want to share it with you, because relationships of all kinds matter deeply. They help us to live, to thrive and to experience our humanity.

Don't Make It Weird

When we are young, first forming friendships, we tend to ‘end up‘ with people who are the closest in proximity to us. Though not necessarily likeminded. Or even likeable. Neighbor kids. Classmates. Teammates. Even family members. That’s who we spend our time with. Like an unwritten rule. Geography defines it. That is your friend now. Looking back…how often was it that those were people who were good for you? How often were they people that were good to you?

My father, in all his capacity as an understanding male role model, would tell me, “you don’t need to cry about everything”. And the still much loved, “you’re too sensitive.” And I remember the very first time he said both to me. When I was ten, I went to my first birthday party overnight. The four other boys decided together to lock me out of the basement room where…

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3 thoughts on “No Regrets

      1. I found a while that acceptance is the key to most everything.
        Also just doing the right thing unconditionally according to values. Not expecting money or sex. I don’t lend money. I give it if I can afford to.
        When I decided no one owes me much I was free.
        Sometimes doing the right thing is doing nothing. I try to harm no one though I have not stood around idly when some was being attacked or robbed.
        We clean our channels and we illuminate the truth. Those who aren’t doing as they say reveal themselves.
        It is a form of spiritual warfare. A crucible.
        As Bon Jovi said… we live for the fight when it’s all that we got 😂😆🎶🎵🎸

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