#1065: “I love my girlfriend and feel like I would die without her. She doesn’t love me back.”

Once again The Captain brings tears to my eyes with her wisdom, grace and compassion. Reblogged here for the many, many messages in both the original letter and in the Captain’s response that resonate across any relationships, regardless of gender or age. I particularly adore this quote: “relationships don’t have to last forever to be valuable and important”.


Hello! Long time no blog! I traveled to Texas for Christmas break, since my in-laws live in the Fort Worth area and Amarillo. It was lovely to see family and catch up with some old friends who have relocated and meet some nifty new people. I did not take a computer with me or do anything resembling work. Instead I read many, many books and sat on recliners under warm blankets and ate enchiladas and other wondrous things. It was an excellent and much needed break from everything. Today I’m back, with the problem of unreciprocated love.

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15 thoughts on “#1065: “I love my girlfriend and feel like I would die without her. She doesn’t love me back.”

  1. Thorough and comprehensive. Well worthwhile reading what she has written. Worthwhile that she has put it together the way she has. Great read. Thanks for posting

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      1. I hope I can… just picked up something on shamanism and Egyptians deities.
        Looking forward to doing some reading over the next week.
        What do you think is important in regards to having my reading help my learning as I go into the next chapter?

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      2. Give me some boundaries. Are you talking blogs, articles, media, books – what? On what topic? For me, reading is the nourishment of the soul and brain, and often the emotions. I do it in all genres, all platforms. So your question just baffles me 🙂

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      3. Personal development I think… or anything you have enjoyed that you would recommend to anyone else?
        Sorry to be confusing… I guess I value your opinion by now on a number of things as I pretty much always enjoy reading your posts.

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      4. I got a book before on Egyptian deities… my blog makes mention. Been looking at Norse myths most recently. I meditate and keep up with my martial arts

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