Online Dating Photos – A “What Not To Do” Illustrative Guide

I absolutely can’t resist re-blogging Lauren’s post about the photos guys use online. Believe me, these are AVERAGE and not unusual! The below the chin one accounts for pretty much 80% of guys in online dating sites. Not to mention sunglasses. Please, common sense you guys reading this – although I’m sure none of you would be this stupid!

10 thoughts on “Online Dating Photos – A “What Not To Do” Illustrative Guide

  1. Laughed out loud! Reminds me of photos for selling things (well, actually, these ARE trying to sell themselves, but I digress!). The ones where the photographer is buck naked and reflected in a nearby mirror…or shiny table top…or window.
    Editing is a powerful tool when used properly…or at all!


  2. A shame is longer on the net. I used to love the midgie mullets and the midget porn mullets. Even better were the girls who had a running commentary on leading guys on with mullets to see how close they could get to the dude’s hair… and then they would hit the ejector seat


      1. Was great. So wrong and unashamed. We’re all going to hell anyway. Some of us have just got back from there. Again 😄


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