Thoughts on “I know what I would do” by Walking the Journey

Would you reveal, or wouldn’t you? Who has a right to know, and do you want to be the bearer of bad news? What is your moral obligation to your friend – or how would you feel if you were the one being betrayed? All important questions raised here by Reformed Cad, and in these days of rampant infidelity (that often goes undiscovered), these topics are very relevant to online dating and modern relationships. Read on if you dare!

Love Letters to a Healing Heart

depth of field photography of file arrangement

The sorting we do to ourselves and to one another is, at best, unintentional and reflexive. At worst, it is stereotyping that dehumanizes. The paradox is we all love the ready-made filing system, so handy when we want to quickly characterize people, but we resent it when we’re the ones getting filed away.

Brene Brown
Braving the Wilderness
Page 48

Recently, one of my favorite writers, Dawn (Walking the Journey),told the story of how she managed the discovery of a friend’s husband having an affair. She decided to do what she believed was right and out the husband to the wife.

Considering how badly it could have gone, this went well.

The ending isn’t what she expected but as you read Dawn’s post you realize how many assumptions she made, and how one ten minute conversation with the Husband, at the time she saw him kissing another woman…

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