Please CHANGE the Relationship Rhetoric (FFS!)

This thoughtful and intelligent article touches on some very interesting and pertinent points that I support and intend to explore.

“….But this isn’t how relationships are sold. They are sold as the be all and end all. ” says the writer.

Read on if you dare.

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Having just come back from my brothers (very beautiful, very happy) wedding, I’m caught between two equally legitimate, equally real warring truths;

Our aspirations for love, and the reality of life.

Of course, as my brothers wedding proves – these can overlap. We can fall in love and marry (if we choose) the person we love and this can be a wonderful and beautiful thing.

But it’s very tricky that we presume our aspirations for love are, or should align precisely with the reality of our life. It’s tricky because so often, there isn’t only no overlap, but our aspirations are in fact so far from our reality as to be completely undescriptive of our actual experience.

This leaves us wondering ‘whats wrong with me?!’. This leaves us feeling lesser somehow, less of a full person, less worthy, than those that have (or appear to have) achieved this romantic ideal…

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