Whatever your relationship status…is this you?

This is a wise and authentic post that I am so pleased to share here, about the nature of relationships and human behaviour that so many of us encounter on our quests for love, lust and romance. The video link to You Tube is worth your time – a powerful spoken word poem that expresses all the complex nuances of feelings and experiences that we can all relate to, no matter our generation. Thank you to Girl Rebuilt for writing her post and sharing this piece.

Girl Rebuilt

A friend on Facebook shared the following video and I felt the need to share it with you guys.

Nine years ago was the last time I was “single.” I had opened an account on what I think back then was Match.com. I created a profile, chose my cutest pic and then, I checked out the pool of fish I was swimming in to see if there was anyone I might want to meet. I scrolled through bad photos and horrifyingly mundane profiles and an even worse list of interests (walks on the beach?). At any rate, I sat there, in front of my PC, and I burst into tears. Is this all that’s left? I thought. What’s worse was that I was being told this was the only way to meet guys. Online. Whether we had apps for dating back then or not I don’t recall. I never got…

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12 thoughts on “Whatever your relationship status…is this you?

  1. “Which leads me to an obvious metaphor: we don’t plant seeds anymore. We buy plants. We don’t hunt or gather for our food anymore. We buy it pre-packaged at the grocery store. And we don’t cultivate relationships anymore. We “just add water” expecting instant happiness.” WISE words.

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      1. I said to someone else that I think this is a problem of our times, not confined to a generation. It is my firm belief that technology is changing our most intimate relationships, which has an impact on every age group and gender. That said, millennials have this problem combined with a whole host of other factors like the casualization of the workforce, the difficulty breaking into the bloated property market, the influence of porn on how they see relationships and sexuality, and the values (or not) they give to personal relationships like friendships and family. These trends all combine into the melting pot of influences on Gen Y/Millennials like never before.

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  2. The only MEN I meet are keyboard warriors online. Unfortunately everywhere I go in reality I am inevitably disappointed.
    I feel sorry for some of my gay mates who actually are real men and they have to endure these whingeing sycophants trying to claim rights and status for them.
    No wonder so many of us drank. We can’t even go to AA anymore because they have these new alcoholics who never drank much and are using it as a dating agency. Any single person not participating can get fit up for fictitious crimes for the benefit of someone else’s paygrade and promotion.
    So glad I am not young anymore.

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  3. I just find it hard to accept dating advice from people who are no longer dating. Who lucked out and found someone ‘the old fashioned way.’ We all want that. But we aren’t gunna just sit on our laurels until something falls into our lap.

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    1. Yes I hear you, but I guess I take it as part of the universal good to help others, plus I just love that poem so much and it speaks volumes to me, no matter that I’m Gen X. I think that poem communicates a truth about the times we live in and it’s not a generational thing. This is where we are as s society and it affects us all.

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  4. I am fairly cautious about following in the footsteps of some of the people who are dating because I unfortunately have a very good and extended view of what they are dating.
    One person I just can’t bullshit is myself and so much seems to be great… including the conversation I do have with those capable of turning up at a time and place without anyone needing to carry on like Prince Phillip has just apologized for being a pig.

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