Sex Moves vs. Sex Positions

AJ’s site is a wealth of information for men about sex and pleasuring a woman. I highly recommend it, and though this article is short, it makes an important point – intimate sex is not a mechanical gesture or set of steps. Read on if you dare!

It doesn’t matter how many positions you master; if you don’t master the right moves, you are basically jerking off into your woman, and believe me, to her, that gets old.

My girlfriend’s vagina is on the smaller side, and my penis is on the larger side. And while this doesn’t matter if you have the right moves, it matters in sex positions.

For instance, using the famous “Doggy Style” position, my penis reachsles all the way to her cervix. If she is not ready in her arousal, or if I am too abrupt in penetrating, then I am (painfully) jabbing at a sensitive part of her vagina. However, if I use the right approach, then my deep penetration will be pleasureful.

Another example is the “69” position. While using the right moves in this position can produce great results, if the moves are ignored, then it is one of…

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19 thoughts on “Sex Moves vs. Sex Positions

  1. Agree. I can’t get to that magical state if I am just checking off a list of positions. I rather go with the flow and find the right moves in one position all night long.

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    1. Yes there’s nothing wrong with a go-to position that works for you. Variety has its place too. I like what AJ has to say about feeling and intent. His words speak to me on a deep level about sexuality for healing, connection and love.

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    2. It’s interesting that you mention a magical state, because my girlfriend has also mentioned being “on a cloud”, and usually this state comes from slow, flowing, intimate approaches.

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      1. We started with a tantric idea…albeit a superficial one. That’s a story in itself. But yes, it seems there is a space that we can prioritize for our partners that is beyond the normal plane and takes them out of their regularly practically thinking minds…into more intimacy.

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  2. I so agree with the intent thing – it’s about connecting with someone and about pleasing them, the mood thier in, the setting and more. I get off on a partners reactions – not thier gymnastic ability.

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    1. I am so pleased that my assessment of things is coinciding with others’ experiences. I have to reassert that this comes from as much of my observation as my girlfriend’s input.

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  3. It actually comes down to spending time and effort caring about your partner instead of just sticking it in and getting yourself taken care of. Nice repost.

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      1. most males are immature an selfish. All they really want is a mother to look after them and THEIR needs, not an equal partner who also has needs.

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