Emerging from mid-life invisibility

Midlife is a time when we are sometimes forced to let go of the old. It can be brutal and unforgiving. There comes a time when – woman or man – we can’t call ourselves quite as ravishing as before, years ago. At least in the eyes of our youth-worshipping culture.

I adore this post that I’m sharing with you today. I love the way Claudette has expressed so much in a single piece of heartfelt writing. I totally get where she is coming from, though not in the same way, because we are individuals worlds apart. There is so much wisdom and self-knowledge here.

Being a midlife mother working in the home says a lot about how she’d come to feel this way. Being a mother to teens adds volumes to that feeling (might as well define invisible). Being in a long-term relationship could well be another layer to the cloak. It’s a classic midlife female thing – but maybe men too have their own version? I know many of you will relate. I’d love to know your responses to the questions she raises – where do you get your self-esteem and self-image? You’ll find my answers on Claudette’s blog. Read on if you dare!

Honey… please fix that profile.

Scarlett has nailed it in this list of advice for the single fellow wanting to impress a potential mate on his dating site profile! It’s not hard – or at least it doesn’t seem so to most people – just follow her sage advice and make an effort. This goes both ways, even I have been guilty in the past of not posting body shots because they’re so damn hard to take if you want to do it on the sly and not make a fuss. Lesson learned – although it never went against me anyway!