Food for Thought

Here’s some food for thought and questions to think about in your own experiences of online dating and while reading of mine:

In a medium where it’s so easy to lie, to distort, to misrepresent, to skirt around the truth, or to obfuscate – to carefully select what we will tell and show – how can we judge meaningfulness or authenticity?

Does our behaviour define who we are?

Should we have an ethical framework to guide us, or is it totally okay to fly in the face of responsibility and explore our hedonistic selves?

And where do we draw the line at lying or twisting the truth?

Do we owe anything at all to people we chat to or meet online? If not, at what point do they become ‘real’ and ethics kick in?

Is the grass now always going to seem greener on the other side? The addictive nature of visiting dating sites has come up a lot, confessed to me by partnered men looking for lost excitement.

These are some of the issues I think about now, and I’d love to know the answers!

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