Trying too hard

How do we know when we’re trying too hard, or just being too…..something? How do we know when we need to back off or just chill? How do we know when we’ve found the right person, or a right person for right now?

This is another beautifully crafted and thoughtful piece from a sista blogger on the same journey – as so many of us are, delving into the weird modern dating world to try to find connection and intimacy. She voices so well an everyday scenario and the frank self-assessment of her actions and feelings. Read on if you dare!


He was wearing a suit like the rest of them.

He was talking so animatedly with a total babe of a woman that I thought they must have known each other. She was laughing a lot. Turns out they’d just met earlier in their six minute ‘date’. We talked about the finger food and I slipped away to check my phone in the loo. The mingling at the start of speed dating is fine, you can just find another woman who has rocked up alone and talk about dating. But by intermission it seems everyone has found someone to yarn to and I just felt like a social break.

When I finally got to date him, I think I had just asked a few dudes what made them happy so to mix it up I asked what really pissed him off. Cue anecdote about noisy neighbours. Look, he didn’t ask…

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